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Little River, SC Soft Water System

At Southlantic we provide Little River, SC families with great tasting, soft water so they can live a healthier life. Our water systems help to protect both your family and the investment in your home with affordable options that won’t break the bank.

Why Soft Water?

There are many reasons to add a soft water system to your Little River home. Because our EcoWater system takes the minerals out of the water there will be no mineral buildup in your pipes and your home appliances will last longer.

You’ll notice that over time your hair and skin will feel more moisturized and healthier looking. Another benefit of soft water is that your cooking time will be quicker, and food will retain its flavor. You will save money and spend less time cleaning because your soaps, detergents, and cleaning supplies will be more effective.

Soft Water vs. Hard Water

What is the difference between Soft Water and Hard Water? Hard water contains higher levels of minerals, calcium, and magnesium and soft water contains higher levels of sodium or salt.

Hard water in your home plumbing pipes can cause harm to your household appliances. The minerals can buildup in your pipes and lead to low water pressure. You may also notice that you have a to use more soap when washing your hands, bathing, or cleaning.

Soft water in your home has many positive effects. By installing a water softener you will gain better water pressure. Soft water also tastes better.

Installing a Water Softener System

When you schedule an appointment with Southlantic we will come to your Little River home, provide a free water test to your existing water system, and offer solutions based on your needs.

We use EcoWater systems that are made in the USA and have both softening & filtration capabilities, as well as wireless monitoring of your water system. This system is backed by an excellent warranty, with an extended 10 year warranty available.

We have the know-how of over 40 years’ experience. You can rest assured that you’re in great hands with Southlantic Water Systems.

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