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Water Softener Systems

from Southlantic EcoWater!

Customers love their new  water softeners from Southlantic and the professional service that backs them up. Ecowater provides the only water softener system made in the USA with both softening & filtration capabilities in an all-in-one system, & wireless monitoring!

Why Choose an
EcoWater Softener?

  • Removal of chlorine taste and odor, hardness minerals, and sediment.
  • A layer of coconut-shell carbon that filters the water throughout the home without compromising water flow.
  • Provides great tasting, healthier water in every outlet.
  • Prevents scale build-up on pipes, faucets and water using appliances.
  • According to the University of New Mexico, softened water can reduce hot water heating costs nearly 30%.
  • Soft water also requires up to 75% less soaps, cleaners, and shampoos according to the Battelle Institute.
  • Eliminates spots on silverware, glasses and dishes.
  • Tested and certified by NSF International and WQA against NSF/ANSI Standard 44 for the reduction of Barium and Radium 226/228.

You Work Hard to Protect Your Family

Let Us Help You Protect Your Home, Appliances, Clothes & More

All-In-One Technology

EcoWater systems use proprietary technology to combine all your whole home water treatment into one. Reduce chlorine, soften water, and remove sediment in one system.

Softer Skin & Hair

Hard water minerals bonds with skin and hair leaving a nasty film. An EcoWater softener removes hardness minerals naturally so you can stop spending money on lotions & skin care products as your body becomes free of buildup!

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Clean Less, Live More

Stop scrubbing, folks, there’s a better way! Hard water minerals buildup on faucets, fixtures, dishes, glassware, & stemware and leave you using chemicals to clean up the mess.

Extend Appliance Life

Dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters (tankless, electric, & gas), ice maker, boiler systems, & humidifiers all suffer when your water contains hardness minerals. Do them a favor (and your pocketbook) and give them soft water.

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Do I Need A Water Softener?

We understand that everyone’s water is different. That’s why we take the time to offer solutions based on your unique needs, following a free water test. You may have hard water if you are experiencing any of these:

  • Water takes forever to heat up or you’ve prematurely had to replace water-using appliances
  • Faucets and fixtures have a white residue that’s hard to remove
  • Dry skin, itchy scalp, dry or dull hair
  • Whites are more like 50 shades of gray and brights have lost their luster
  • Drinking glasses & stemware has spots on it – unless a ton of chemical spot remover used in the dishwasher
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Wireless Water
Monitoring System – HydroLink

Control & monitor your water treatment systems at the touch of a button and enjoy better water at maximum efficiency. You’ll save money & time! Many water softener and treatment systems are hidden away and overlooked in a basement, garage, utility room, or under a sink. 

EcoWater’s advanced HydroLink® technology puts information at your fingertips that makes it possible to communicate with your water treatment systems so you can potentially extend the life of your appliances. Additionally, HydroLink Plus® can be programmed to send alerts and diagnostics to your local EcoWater Pro, who will monitor the system and provide convenient maintenance and service as needed.

The EcoWater HydroLink Plus® system gives you the power to monitor your water usage, let’s you know when to add salt and gives you peace of mind when traveling. You can access your system from virtually anywhere and receive on-demand alerts via email, text through our convenient app or by connecting to the secure website.


Horry, Georgetown, Charleston, Marion, Berkeley, Dorchester, Florence, Williamsburg, Dillion Counties

Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Little River, Pawleys Island, Conway, Georgetown, Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Surfside Beach, Garden City, Murrells Inlet, Longs, and Loris.

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