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Why Partner with Southlantic Water Systems for Better Water?

It’s simple… the science.

Here at  Southlantic Water Systems, we use only EcoWater systems.

With a legacy exceeding 80 years, EcoWater systems are built on best-in-class technological innovation. EcoWater continues to set the standard for the water treatment industry. Today, as the world’s largest manufacturer of residential water treatment systems, EcoWater’s products–combined with our expertise at  Southlantic Water Systems –are the second to none when it comes to improving the quality of your water. 

With an EcoWater system from Southlantic Water Systems , you get:

  • Exclusive, patented, proven technology to improve the quality of your water.
  • Dealers who are water treatment professionals – not just plumbers or retailers.
  • A full line of reverse osmosis water filters for clear, clean drinking water.
  • Products specifically designed for municipal, rural, or problem water.
  • A full line of water softeners and filters to improve your water quality for bathing, laundry, and appliances.
  • Dealers who provide installation and exceptional customer service.
  • Highly-efficient electronic digital demand and memory to reduce salt, water, and electricity.
  • Convenient and easy to operate electronics.
  • Wireless remote monitoring of salt level and operation so you don’t have to remember to check.
  • EASE™ phone-and-fix technology to eliminate unnecessary service calls.
  • Patented stratified resin bed and washed quartz underbedding for efficient water treatment.
  • Patented valve with Teflon® double-disc for improved performance and durability.
  • Counter-current regeneration to remove hardness, not deposit it on the bottom of the tank.
  • Refiner option to remove unwanted chlorine taste and odor from your supply.
  • The most comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty in the business.

Water conditioners, refiners, & filters

EcoWater Systems line of water conditioners, refiners, and filters are the most innovative, highest-quality products on the market. With an array of exclusive features. We know not all water is the same. That’s why we can test your water to identify the right product for you. Regardless of your water conditions, Southlantic Water Systems offers the appropriate solutions.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration

The perfect complement to an EcoWater System refiner or softener for the water-conscious family is an EcoWater reverse osmosis drinking water system. Our exclusive line of reverse osmosis systems are specifically designed to provide clean, clear, better-tasting drinking water by removing more than 95% of dissolved solids including many harmful contaminants. Now you can have bottle-quality water at your tap.

With an EcoWater RO system you get:

  • Three or four-stage water filtration.
  • Semi-permeable membranes to reject solids.
  • Specially formulated pre-and post-filters to reduce contaminants, eliminate odors, and improve taste.
  • Automatic shut-off to conserve water.
  • Optional electronic monitor to alert you when filters need changing.
  • Space-saving designs.

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Keith Kraus
Keith Kraus
20:19 09 Dec 19
The technician was on time, did an excellent job on install. Explained everything about system very well and left the area he worked in clean. Would recommend him and the company to friends and family.
Don Tillson
Don Tillson
19:18 04 Dec 19
Very happy with the installation of our water system. And with reverse osmosis for drinking, we will save money on bottles water for drinking and cooking. No longer have to be concerned with local water quality issues.
kathy cargill
kathy cargill
19:01 23 Oct 19
Seem very professional and experienced in and about the product. Cant tell you about any changes in the water as of yet as the system was just installed today
Adam Soffera
Adam Soffera
21:46 16 Oct 19
I am thoroughly pleased with This company and their product. After 13 years of usage, I had to have the resin replaced. Their employee Michael came and did the work in a couple of hours. He did a great job, replaced the resin and cleaned the unit. He was very professional, knowledgeable,and courteous. He did a great job. I have and will continue to recommend this to everyone I know. I am very happy with their service.
Beth Meares
Beth Meares
19:03 11 Oct 19
I have used Southlantic to service my water system for 15 years. I have found them to give timely service reminders and polite service. My system needed a seal and the tech had the part on his truck.
22:55 08 Aug 18
Exceptional service from start to finish! Would Definitely recommend this company to anyone interested in a good water system for there home or business.
David J
David J
21:46 03 Feb 18
Awesome products and service. Knowledgeable and courteous staff.
anthony spiesman
anthony spiesman
16:15 21 Sep 17
Southatlantic (ECO) water systems is an outstanding company. We have had our home system for 2 years now with 0 problems. System works perfectly. Some people told us they put in cheaper systems and had lots of trouble costing in the end more than this one. Go for the better one and you can't beat this company. Ask for technician MIKE. He is the best of the best.
ashlee stockwell
ashlee stockwell
18:13 13 Sep 17
We absolutely love our water system and the peace of mind it gives us knowing our water is safe. Our yearly service is quick and Michael is always very friendly and informative. Would highly recommend!
Carolyn Riley
Carolyn Riley
23:01 18 Aug 17
Knowledge of the product, timely service, friendly manner! Our water tastes so much better. Water seems cleaner. We will recommend your company to others. Thank you.