Home Solutions

Our solutions include under-sink drinking water systems, whole home filtration, water softening, and well water treatment – all backed by local, reliable service.

Water Softeners

The only system made in the USA with both softening & filtration capabilities in an all-in-one system, a dare to compare guarantee & remote, wireless monitoring!

We are backed by EcoWater, the oldest and largest Water Softener manufacturer in the world. EcoWater Water Softeners are American-made and provide many benefits over other brands.

EcoWater wants to improve the health of your family’s water. From cleaning away contaminants with a water filtration system to replenishing your skin with a water softener system, EcoWater has the solution to enhance the taste and quality of your home’s water.

Whole Home Filtration

Water Conditioner / Refiner

A water conditioner/refiner provides you with clean, conditioned water on demand.

Reverse Osmosis Water System

A reverse osmosis drinking water system provides clean, clear, better tasting drinking water with the convenience and economy of using the tap.

Water Quality Monitor

Attached to the base of your drinking water faucet, is a monitor that lets you know at a glance that the water you use to drink, cook or mis into baby formula is the cleanest possible.

Drinking Water Systems

Create Delicious, Healthy Water Free of up to 99% of Common Contaminants found in the Grand Strand water

Transform Your Water with a
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

You’ve probably heard people say you should drink 64 oz. of water a day, but when you’re concerned about what’s in your tap water or you keep running out of bottled water, hitting that goal can be difficult. Imagine the convenience of ditching the water bottles and having pure, healthy drinking water right from your home’s local water supply. You will enjoy safe, better-tasting drinking water, coffee, tea, ice cubes, food, and more!

Home & Well Water Testing

In order to determine what type of water treatment you might require, it is important to have your water tested. Water testing helps to properly diagnose what is causing obvious issues like staining, bad odor, residue, or sediment. It can also uncover harmful water contaminants that you may not sense, like bacteria, lead, fertilizers, and arsenic.

Southlantic Water Systems offers free basic water testing with fast, accurate results in most local areas.

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