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Southlantic Water Systems

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EcoWater is the World's Largest & Oldest Manufacturer of Residential Water Treatment Equipment


Serving the Area since 1978


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Drinking Water Systems

Water Filters and Water Distillers

Water Purification Systems

Ultraviolet Purifiers

Inline Filters

Shower Filters

Water Softeners

Water Refiners

Air Purifiers

Iron Stain Control Systems

Southlantic Water Systems has been providing professional water treatment equipment and services to Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas for over 32 years. Products such as drinking water systems, water filters and water distillers, plus water purification systems.


Do you have questions about Drinking Water Systems, Water Filters, Water Distillers, or Water Purification Systems? If so, please contact us and we'll do our best to provide the information you need. We rely on some of the largest and oldest manufacturers of water treatment equipment in the world. They manufacture and distribute many different types of drinking water systems, water filters and water distillers, and water purification systems throughout the United States and to many parts of the world.