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Southlantic Water Systems is new to Blogging, but here we go anyway...

We're trying to spread the word to everyone that's buying bottled water that there's a BETTER WAY. To save money, time, space, and protect the environment, we recommend that you filter your water and use "reusable" bottles such as the stainless steel Klean Kanteens or New Wave Tritan bottles. Over 50 billion bottles are discarded each year and over 86% of those end up as trash and garbage because mose people don't recycle.

It's also very convenient to have your own drinking water system and fill your own reusable bottles. No more lugging jugs & bottles home or to the office. No more deliveries. No more lost space due to all the bottles. No more lifting all those bottles. AND no more rationing the water. With your own drinking water system, you can use the filtered, distilled, or purified water for drinking, cooking, ice, beverages, rinsing vegetable, fish tanks, pets, & plants.

So - say NO MORE to buying bottled water. There is a better way. Safe for People and Safe for the Planet.

Do you have questions about Drinking Water Systems, Water Filters, Water Distillers, or Water Purification Systems? If so, please contact us and we'll do our best to provide the information you need. We rely on some of the largest and oldest manufacturers of water treatment equipment in the world. They manufacture and distribute many different types of drinking water systems, water filters and water distillers, and water purification systems throughout the United States and to many parts of the world.