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About Us

Serving North & South Carolina since 1978

Mission Statement:

To honor God in all our activities;
To exceed customer expectations with our high-quality products and service;
To provide jobs to the community and support the water treatment industry;
To give back some of our profits to community charities.
Since 1978, we have focused on customer satisfaction with quality products, prompt service, & technical assistance. Providing Sales & Service for residential, commercial, industrial, & medical water treatment systems as well as air purification systems. We rely on over 45 major manufacturers and distributors for reliable products and excellent technical support.
Some of the most popular drinking water systems, water filters and water distillers, water purification systems, and air purifiers are offered on our ONLINE STORE. If you can't find the drinking water system, water filter, water distiller, air purifier, or replacement parts you're looking for on our website, please contact us. We specialize in finding the right product to fit your needs. Also, many items we offer are not published on our site. EcoWater products are available in our retail store or by phone, if there is not an EcoWater Dealer in your area.
Visit our Retail Store located at 908 Seaboard Street in Myrtle Beach, SC
Please visit our ONLINE STORE!
We understand that online trust and safety are primary concerns and we want to do everything we can to earn your trust as well as making sure that your buying experience is a secure and pleasant one. For your convenience and security, our site utilizes data encryption for all of your credit or debit card transactions. PayPal is also available as a very secure payment option.
If you have questions about Drinking Water Systems, Water Filters and Water Distillers, or Water Purification Systems, please contact us. We'll do our best to answer your questions and provide the information you need. We rely on some of the largest and oldest manufacturers and distributors of water treatment equipment in the world including EcoWater, 3M, American Hydro, Durastill, Enting, G. A. Murdock, Hydrotech, Pro Products, Pure & Secure, Cuno, Everpure, ITT Industries, G. H. Stenner Company, Glacier Water, Oasis International, Waterwise, & Watts Water. They manufacture and distribute many different types of drinking water systems, water filters and water distillers, plus water purification systems throughout the United States and to many parts of the world.